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To enhance the value of your collectible, please fill out the Registration Card and receive your personalized Certificate of Authenticity signed by the designer and artist, Kathrine Baumann.

PLEASE NOTE: Only minaudieres with tags that display a limited edition number, (E.G. 5/500, 5/2500, or etc.) are eligible to receive a signed certificate of authenticity along with a complimentary gift package. If you are collecting additional collectible artwork, you may register any of these items as a collector to receive newsworthy updates and new product information. Complimentary gift and certificate of authenticity are no charge to original owners purchasing limited edition items through Kathrine Baumann Beverly Hills or Authorized Retailers. Limited edition items purchased via the resale market are not entitled to the complimentary gift, and the customer will be charged $15.00 for processing, handling and shipping. Thank you for your time and interest in registering your collectibles.

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Is this your first Kathrine Baumann Collectible? Yes No
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In appreciation for your support, a complimentary gift will be sent upon receipt of your Registration Card.

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